Etype Handbrake Mod 2 

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The Etype handbrake in its early form was as all owners will confess - pretty poor, with tiny pads and the handbrake cable pulling first one pad onto the disk and then the other in a squeezing manner. You could give certain specialists a portion of your hard earned cash for an upgrade kit or you could do this simple (and MOT verified upgrade)

What does it do? The modification effectively converts the side pull mechanism to be a centre pull which if you ask any cyclist is MUCH more efficient as the brake pads are applied on both sides at once… during my latest MOT, the mechanic came out and said he was surprised at its efficiency saying it was "80% MORE effective than it actually needed to be for the cars weight” and "actually it meets modern standards!”.

Difficulty: Easy.

Time: 1-2 hours

Result: smiley face and a noticeably better handbrake

The job can be done with the rear axle in position simply jack the car up, put it safely on axle stands and remove the rear wheels for easy access. 

Wriggle under the car until you can get to the handbrake compensator mounted on the rear axle cage. Remove the handbrake cable, then the whole assembly (the handbrake assembly not the whole rear axle!). Next cut the round support bar of  the compensator bracket, then (preferably) weld or braze a piece of 3/8”ID x 2¼” tube onto the mounting plate to the remaining part of the bar. This is to enable the remainder of the bar to slide inside the tube. If you dont have access to welding equipment - you *can* drill through the tube and the bar and insert a split pin to hold it together. This is okay because the bar and the tube are not under any load. Trust me, I’m a doctor (ok fair cop, I might have lied about being a doctor)

Once you have placed the tube onto the bar - that is it… bolt it all back onto the car. Attach the cable and adjust as preferred. I like 4 clicks to fully on.

Below is a picture of where to cut the bar and then a picture of the finished job.

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