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Some of you will know that Chris Connor undertook a full nut and bolt restoration of a Series 1 Etype “at home”, he signed up to evening college to learn welding, panel beating and paint spraying then started on the car. Granted it took him ten years to complete but other than trimming the seats and laying on the metallic colour coat - he did everything himself including all the bodywork, mechanical rebuilds, wiring, plating of components, trimming + a number of sporting improvements.

Below is a link to his blog that captured the whole story. There are a lot of how-to’s and more than a few whoops moments. It is a lighthearted read but quite useful if you are restoring an Etype. Chris wont confess to be an expert and is not a mechanic by trade - just an enthusiast like yourself. If this tickles your curiosity take a look - there are certainly a large amount of reference photos...

Etype Restoration blog

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