Series 1 Brakelight modification 

If you drive a an early Etype and have found whilst driving that the car behind you often drops back a long way – the probable cause is the hydraulic brake light switch not functioning as Jaguar intended. In all likelihood it *does* work but only once sufficient pressure has been applied to the brake pedal. Modern cars of course have an electrically operated switch and a light touch on the brake operates the lights. The series 3 Etype was the first model to have the electrical switch.

The good news is that for early Etype owners there is an easy solution requiring about an hour to install. Its invisible to the eyes of judges, its simple to fit and I for one have the modification on my car.

All you need do is make up a simple bracket (dimensions in the diagram below). The bracket uses one of the studs from the pedal box – there is plenty of thread on it to take the thickness of the bracket adjust the position of the switch so that when you press the pedal the switch fully operates. I recommend that only a small amount of pedal movement operates the switch.

Purchase a ‘release to operate’ switch from your favourite electrical supplier (they are even available on fleabay), run a 12v feed to one side of the brake switch and connect the other side into the loom. Jaguar made the connection simple for you as the loom to the rear lights connects to the dashboard loom very close to the steering column. Simply replace the female-bullet that ‘connects’ the rear lights with a double connector and run a wire to the other side of your new switch.

You CAN even leave the old wiring in place on the hydraulic switch so the engine bay still looks right.

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